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Accelerated Claims, Inc. (ACI) is a Motor Vehicle Accident and Workers Compensation Account Management Company. We provide services to overcome the many challenges created by complicated accident reimbursement systems. ACI is unique in the fact that it staffs the hospital's Emergency Department with a goal of meeting with as many accident patients as possible. The Accelclaims Workflow Methodology™ yields many advantages over standard operating procedures, resulting in increased revenue for your hospital and greater patient satisfaction.

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Proven Outcomes

Tort System

Our tort system example is a metropolitan hospital located in Colorado. Our successes include an improvement over 200% in patient identification. Revenue from MVA claims increased over 85% and at least three FTEs were shifted to another task as a result.

Demonstrated Success

Our account management methodology outperforms traditional revenue recovery strategies by dramatically increasing reimbursement realization. Our partner hospitals are realizing reimbursement increases of 40 - 80%, with others realizing increases as high as several hundred percent. Our methodology has proven successful in states governed by both tort and no-fault statutes.

PIP No-Fault System

Our no-fault system example is a medium sized Florida hospital. An impact analysis revealed that proper MVA identification improved by 100%. Incremental Revenue from MVA's brought an additional $10 of net revenue for every patient presented at the ED.

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